The war on America 

Our enemies abroad and within have decided to use racism and hatred to divide this nation. With  media and government intervention, racial tension is portrayed on the big screen for all the world to see. A race war would make us weak and vulnerable to our enemies. Islamic extremists patiently wait on the sidelines for […]

America the Beautiful!

Over the centuries many evil men have tried to destroy our nation. Adolf Hitler thought he would rule the world through one race of people, which is what racism really is about, but he was defeated. Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, thinking it would catch us off guard, but once again, our enemy was defeated. We […]

The Racial Divide

If you listen to Al Sharpton, America is a racist nation. He seems to feed the fires of indifference and racial hatred. He’s a far cry from Martin Luther King, who had a genuine love and respect for all people of all races. Al Sharpton’s mind seems to be poisoned by his anger and bitterness […]